• 26 March 2022
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Good morning, I need your help, please. I don't have a paid account. I haven't used miro for months and now that I log into my account, I don't have access to my dashboard. It asks me to request access myself, but I don't get any mail, please. Please help me because all my research from my thesis project is on my board.


2 replies

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@JEFFERY DAMAZO OSORIO - I removed the link you included to protect everyone's privacy as the link would have added any Miro user who clicked it as team members. 

I will PM you. 

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@JEFFERY DAMAZO OSORIO - As I said in my private messages, when I clicked on the link you originally shared and joined the Free Plan team, I saw you appear to have at least three Miro account profiles using slightly different Gmail addresses - the one that you are using to point here now and to sign in was only a Member of the team, not a Team Admin, and definitely not the owner of the board.

If you are unable to sign in using the email address I shared with you in the PM--the one that is the Team Admin, then you could Duplicate the board by opening the board, clicking on the board name at the top-left, and Duplicating it. If you sign in to Miro using one of your other Gmail address, you are likely a Team Admin in at least one of those teams.

Here are a few links to guide you: