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  • 23 April 2020
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I would like to create a timeline similar to the one you can find in the templates. As the timeline will need frequent updates, I would like to create a timeline that pulls out the relevant data from a spreadsheet and then converts in into the miro timeline. Is that possible somehow? The reason why I think it might be is that there is an option to export the miro timeline to csv and so there might also be an option to do it the other way around. 




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2 replies

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Hi @Sebastian Schmitz

You can import data from a spreadsheet to a board by simply copying cells and pasting them on the board. Every cell will be converted into a sticky note. The detailed instructions are presented in this article. Then the stickies could be added to the timeline. Would this approach be helpful? 

@Vlada, I have the same need. It would be extremely helpful if Miro could parse a list of dates from the Excel pasted data and draw a corresponding timeline. Pasting new data should cause the timeline to reset to the new data.