I’ve tried searching on Google about this to no avail.

I’ll often get disconnected to Miro on my iPad. I use the app and will go back and forth from my browser to the app. I’ll most often get ‘connection restored’ when this happens but I’ve had a few times when I’ll get a message which says ‘trying to restore’ the connection. When this happens, it never end up working. What’s worse, I’ll lose everything.

I think content is saved when you leave your board. Is there a way to activate some sort of auto-save feature to prevent major data loss and experience despair and frustration when it does?

EDIT: Just to clarify:

I’ll often edit text on Miro. The disconnect will happen while I’m editing the text in which case the whole text will disappear. I have a hunch it only saves text when you stop editing, not while you’re editing.

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