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  • 14 April 2021
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How can I change the person assigned to a task without them having to be a team member.  I just want the tag for visual representation not for any action.  When I download the sample boards they have “random” names in them but I cannot change them without needing to add a team member.


In the picture below the sample board has the team member “Adam” shown as tag.  I want to change that name without actually creating any one.  Use case is a title like “Tech Lead”



4 replies

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@matthew garton - What you are referring to in your screenshot is the assigned user field and not the "tag" field. Example:

Here is a GIF from the Cards Help Center article:


Hi Robert,

Thank you for replying.  For clarity I am trying to use the “Assigned person” field to take advatnage to the visual representation of the initals and name.  It is not clear to me how to replicate that functionality with the a tag.


My goal had been to replicate the way sample boards work where they appear to have people who are not team members.  



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@matthew garton - Images on tags is not currently an option.

You could explore using Miro’s Developer Platform SDK to have someone build you a custom web-plugin. You would want someone with a development background to review the developer platform documentation.

You could request avatar images from all of your users and then create small rectangle shapes that look like tags, add the images to them, group them together, and then drag them onto the cards.

However, when you drag an image onto a Cards, it doesn’t “stick” or “bind” to it like dragging objects into frames, so when you move the card, the image/avatar won’t move with the card. You can “group” them, but note that if you use the Kanban or User Story Map frameworks, the grouping will become “messed up” when you drag the card into the framework - e.g., when I move the card into the kanban, the custom assignee tag I made get messed up and the tag is hidden behind the card:


Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for all the effort you have put into the answers you have given me.