Argh - How about a warning???

  • 23 October 2023
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I’m going to have to re-create a long post thanks to this…

I scrolled back up to the top of my post to see if I had missed anything, and saw the link. Click, all my work gone.

Maybe a warning that clicking on that will *not* open a separate window, and will instead erase anything you’ve already written on this page? Or better yet, open a new window!

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@Michael Porter - Yikes, sorry to hear that! Yes, that would be frustrating.

@Manouska / @Michal Modelski - Tagging you in as feedback for Gainsight/inSided.

When you are replying to a thread and attempt to browse away, you are presented with the following warning:


But no such warning is given when you are creating a new post. Seems like a either a bug or a big miss on Gainsight’s part.