Anyone else have a problem changing card size? (And fix it...?)

  • 2 February 2022
  • 3 replies

I am finding it impossible to change card size, for additional cards added after the initial card.   The vertical resize simply doesn’t work. The horizontal resize shrinks and expands font.  This smells like someone thinks of this as a feature.  

Anyone else find this happens to them, and find a workaround?  tx

3 replies

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@Heather.Stark -

Are you able to post a Loom or similar video of this? I’ve been able to resize cards once the descriptive text has been added, both at the card corners and at the right and bottom edges for horizontal and vertical scaling.

I’m using Miro via Google Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop - what’s your system configuration and have you tried with a different Miro access method?


@Heather.Stark looks like you have to vote for this

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Funny thing is I can “sometimes” scale these cards in only x- or y-direction, but it’s inconsistent even on the same card. I see the resize arrows ever-so-briefly when I mouseover the border, but it doesn’t stay. This feels more like a bug than a feature request … 

I upvoted the idea that Anton linked, hope this gets traction.