Any way to upload a mind map in Miro?

  • 16 March 2023
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I have some complex and very big mind maps I want to import into Miro (otherwise Miro is pretty limited so far for me, if I can’t to import my old works).

Is it possible to import such mind maps?

I use MindNode, so I’m allowed to export to Markdown, text, OPML, csv (among the usual formats).

Any workaround to suggest?


5 replies

Gosh...two months no reply.  I just asked the same question. :((

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I asked the question years ago, and I can’t believe they haven’t implemented this. It can’t be because it’s difficult, it is clearly a business choice. Really annoying.

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You can do it with this app:


see below


You can do it with this app:


This worked for my fairly modest mind map from Mindnode.