Any way to lock the edge of a board?

Sorry if this has been asked before…

Is there any way to ‘lock’ the edge of a board so that you cant go any further left, for example. I have a list of tiles that I want to always be on the left of the board, and no one should be able to put anything before them.


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I just want to put my two cents in that while I love that it can be infinite I often work with non natives that get lost in the infinite space. I understand they can click on me to come back, but by that point their cortisol levels are rising and they lose the ability to fully participate. I would really like the ability to set the parameters to a manageable size.

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@Siobhan -

Given that Miro is designed as an infinite canvas, while useful, this feels like it would be counter to a basic tenet of the platform.

One way to “fake it out” would be to create an artificial “fence” around the area of your board and just tell folks to not scroll outside of that fenced area. There’s no way to prevent them from doing this, but if there’s nothing for them to do there and your workshop is engaging, they shouldn’t stray too often.

You could make it fun - put a few ancient map style warnings at the edges (i.e. here there be dragons) :grinning:

For a more permanent solution, I’d suggest adding a wish list topic so folks could vote on it.