All tools have disappeared from the boards!

  • 7 December 2021
  • 26 replies

Hi everyone!

I’ve been experiencing the same problem for approximately a week now: I can’t choose any other tools apart form the pointer on the boards! I used to swipe up/down to pick a pen or any other tool, but now it just won’t move.

I use a browser version.

I’m really confused because the only thing I can do now is paste pictures and move them. Very frustrating..

Please, help!:sweat_smile:


26 replies

Hey @Robert Johnson and @Will Tompkins,

The fix for the issue you reported was applied. Please make sure to refresh any page where the affected boards are still open for it to work. Let me know how it works for you after the refresh!

Yep, just confirmed fix in both Safari and Firefox. Thank you.

Grateful for the quick response.