all text boxes disappeared on iPad Pro

  • 16 May 2022
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I’m using Miro on my ipad pro for classes and now none of my text boxes are displayed when I open boards. I just have non verbal maps… Zooming doesn’t change anything. If I open my boards on a desktop everything reappears. I tried to relaunch app, to relaunch ipad, to uninstall and reinstall. Now I’m worried because I’m supposed to use Miro to conduct a workshop in my class this week. 

4 replies

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Hi @Dorah 

Thank you for reporting the issue! 🛠

We’re sorry you’ve run into it but please have no worries - I’ve converted this post into a support ticket and our team will reach out to you shortly via email. Stay tuned! 🙂

Is this fixed somehow? Cannot use the iPad app because no sticker shows text 😩

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Hey @Rüdiger 
We didn’t submit a bug as we didn’t manage to get the additional details on the issue. So could you please submit a ticket to our Support team and provide us with the additional details on the issue (device model, Miro app version, steps that lead to the bug, screenshots, etc.)? Thank you!

Hi @Helga will send some screenshots to the support. With my previous iPhone 11, also iPad Pro 12.9” (3. Gen) and iPad Pro 11” (1. Gen) all with latest iOS and App versions, the text on the stickers does not appear. Only iPad Mini (6. Gen) and now my new iPhone 14 Pro Max is working.