All Shapes Opens Blank Side Panel

  • 14 July 2023
  • 1 reply

After I click on the All Shapes button under the Shapes button, the toolbar selection jumps to cursor and I’m left with an empty expanded side panel. 

See image below, It is similar to the issue marked as RESOLVED in the below link.

[RESOLVED] "All shapes" action in Shapes pane not working | Miro



1 reply

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@KeithWhatling - My first thought when I see issues like these is that a browser extension is blocking content.

If you are using a browser, could you try

  • clearing your cache
  • disabling all browser extensions
  • an incognito window
  • another browser
  • the Miro desktop app
  • another computer
  • from another network.

If the issue persists, can you tell us more about your setup? Also, does this happen for any other team members? And is this happening on all boards, or just one?