Adobe CC integration for XD isn't working

  • 20 August 2020
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Hi All, 

So I created a new board and from the marketplace, I installed Adobe CC apps. The Adobe CC plugin appears in my toolbar on the left. 

  1. I clicked on “Upload” and then on Adobe CC plugin. 
  2. A small dialogue box appears where I log in, into my Adobe acount. 
  3. Miro websites refreshes on my browser.
  4. Nothing happens. 
  5. I click the same plugin again, it repeats the same process. 

Can someone please help me to solve this issue? 

Thanks in advance. 

8 replies

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Hi @Arjav Parikh,

I’m afraid this behavior is not expected :pensive: 

I am going to convert this post into a support ticket. My colleagues from the Support team will reply to you via email. 

Thank you.

Hi @Arjav Parikh and @Marina,

I had the same issue on both desktop application and web service. Just this week it seemed to resolve itself but next to plugin name I have “(dev)” label added (full name of the plugin is “Adobe XD (dev)”. I also had to authorize the app even though I’m not the admin.


Hello team,


I’m creating public links visible to everyone on XD.
I have even connected XD + adobe.
But every time I past a link I get an error message:

Verify that XD prototype is still available or it exists. (something like that).

Help please.

PS Sign out on the Miro > XD thingy isn’t working either.

UPDATE: Mac app works but chrome on mac doesn’t.

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Hi @Mike Mark,

Thanks for flagging this issue!

I’ve converted your comments into a support ticket. The Support team will check the case and get back to you via email. 

Two years later, the issue persists. Now the CC libraries doesn’t appear at the left menu bar, but somehow I arrived to it. Files can be accessed, but when I try to get something from librarties, it show a “No Internet Connection” message. Of course, I have it.


I’m having the same issue.  Replying to this thread so I get notifications when new comments are added :-)