Adding descriptions/hidden text on nodes (free)

  • 26 April 2024
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I am new to this and using it as a way to map out our customer service wiki website. I am using the mind map basic template and wanting to figure out the best way to include a body of text or bullet points hidden in a node. So far all I can figure out is commenting on it to be the closest to what I want. I would be fine to add a shape or text bubble next to it but I can’t seem to pair that so that it moves with the node if the map changes. 

I’m looking for something like being able to add a description to a node is maybe how I would phrase it.

Is something like this possible in the free version? 



1 reply

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Hi @Rosemary 

I am not aware of a function like that - except of course in mind mapping tools like MindManager or xmind.

One “cheat” is of course to “roll your own” - in other words, instead of using the mind mapping tool built into Miro, take advantage of the shapes and create your own mind map using bubbles and connecting them with connectors. You can then group things together so they will move together - but naturally, you’ll miss some of the auto-layout options that the mind map widget offers.

Good luck!