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  • 10 June 2020
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We have run an open sandpit for an international team of engineers, and I would like to be able to download the activity list, as I cannot clearly create any reports based on activities

Is that posible?


Best answer by Bogdan Maran 21 June 2020, 18:58

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4 replies

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@Bogdan Maran -

other than screen-scraping or taking screenshots, I’m not sure there is any native way to do this. The data is obviously in a database so it would be a relatively easy export for Miro developers to add. 

I’d suggest adding this as a wish list item here ( and provide the use case or benefit of doing so to encourage community members to up-vote it.


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@Bogdan Maran & @Kiron Bondale I have been looking for similar functionality for my organisation

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Thank you, I am thinking that even the ability to download “Activity” as a spreadsheet can solve some of the problems. I can run reports from that.

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Thank you @Kiron Bondale 
I will add it to the list