Accidentally deleted team profile which deleted boards I didn't want to delete

  • 2 December 2022
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I need help!

I accidentally deleted a team profile not realising it would delete some personal boards I had on there. I thought I was under an education plan. This hadn’t been active for 2 years yet but it seems like somewhere in the mix I was on a free plan which doesn’t sound right to me. 

I need to restore the team so I can get the boards I need back. Can anyone help?

I’ve applied to go back on an education plan just in case. The boards were not backed up.

2 replies

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@Jamie Bradbury -

What happens if you try accessing those board’s URLs (from your browser history) - does it prompt you to restore them?


Hey! Thanks for the tip! No it didn’t but I did manage to get it restored using a link I found in another community post. That was super helpful and Miro was super responsive. Everything I need is back 😊