Accessing talktrack beta

  • 17 February 2023
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What do I need to do to gain access to the TalkTrack beta functionality? My company has hundreds of users, surely we should have this to use? Please help – would be useful for a project I have on my desk now :)

1 reply

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Hi @Matthew Äikäs-Adams 

I looked for the same information and realized that nobody answered you.

So, here's the answer below. I also hope it could be useful for others who will be looking for the same information.

1. You can find the info about your issue here . This feature is available only for Starter, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans. You can ask your company admin to grant access to TalkTrack for you.
2. Alternatively, you can ask someone who has access to this feature to share access to one of their boards. When someone shares a Talktrack (and board), other non-beta users can view and use the Talktrack.