Access Troubles

  • 20 December 2023
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I am the owner of a team on my free account, but I can’t delete boards, remove users, or rename the team. Is this an access issue or free version issue? How can I do/have access to these things if I have verified that I am the owner in the account I’m using and logged in on?

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@chloeputzke - If you don’t have the “Delete from team” action, then you are not a team admin.

To confirm your role on a team from the Team users page:

  1. Select “Users”:
  2. And check your role:


If you are not a Team Admin and are just a Member, but you are certain that you used to be a Team Admin, if there was another Team Admin, they could have revoked your admin privileges. 

You may also be signed in under a different email/account that does have the Team Admin role.


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