Interactive / Improvements to Journey Mapping, and Service Design Mapping



With capability to:

  • ability to toggle between view as seen in this medium article, and swimlane view

    Swimlane views;
  • insert/splice premade micro journeys to more meta journeys (ability to reuse in other initiatives)
  • pinpoint/identify moments that matter (MtM), linking to research documentation, and stakeholder KPIs (retains linking as reused - global link update (like tags))
  • JTBD and Persona swimlanes with MtM for each
  • ability to add swimlanes that include Service Design Blueprint details (front of house, back of house, api calls, security calls)
  • export function to spreadsheet tools… (Excel, Notion, Airtable, GSheets)

Happy to share visual of a manual version we are working on.

Repeatable, consistent SSoTruth for enterprise Strat-UX-PO-Dev teams to retain and maintain dependancies across multiple initiatives, limit IP loss, and reduce circular conversations and multi-million-dollar meetings

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