Grouping and Filtering Objects

  • 20 October 2022
  • 1 reply

Does anyone know of a capability in Miro similar to that of Smart Containers in Lucidchart?

I use LucidChart Smart Containers to:

 - quickly visualise & organise larger data sets

 - quickly grouping/re-grouping the data in different ‘containers’ via different fields

 - quick filtering across the whole data set 



1 reply

Hi Niamh,

Yulia from Miro Support is here to assist you :)

I’m afraid Miro doesn’t have a similar functionality to Smart Containers, but here are some Miro features that can help you organise your data on the board:

UPD: Currently, our team receives feature requests via Wish List, this helps to add more visibility and transparency for our users. I’ve converted your post to an idea in our Wish list. Thank you for sharing it!