New reactions feature: show it, rather than say it 👍🔥❤️

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In the spirit of collaboration, we listened to your feedback and learned that one of the biggest challenges teams face is how to build and maintain engagement throughout meetings and workshops. 

When meeting online, teams may not always want to express themselves verbally, which makes it challenging to keep everyone engaged and dialed in with the group.

That’s why we’re launching reactions, a fun new feature that can increase engagement during meetings and workshops by giving everyone a chance to express themselves. 

  • Select from six emojis to express how you feel at any time during a meeting or workshop  :thumbsup::heart::fire::wave::astonished::tada:

  • Participants can raise their hands and facilitators will get notified :raising_hand_tone3:

  • Facilitators can lower hands 

The reactions feature is available for all users, and board owners will be able to turn the option on and off.

Visit the Help Center article to learn more and let us know what you think!


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Great! Thanks for sharing!

Nice! Our teams really appreciated those new features. :call_me:

I am missing the thumbs I am missing thumbs down sideways in order to be able to have suddenly voting’s

@Stephan Lorenz I just get my students to use the fire for negative and hearts for positive as an alternative.


I love this feature so much. Thank you!

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Nice! Our teams really appreciated those new features. :call_me:

Thanks for your feedback Seb! We’re glad to hear that your teams appreciate the features :heart_eyes:

Can you please deliver features that improve long term usage of Miro such as DARK MODE, stickers are great and all but really they just support marketing and sales.

The lack of dark mode is forcing me to use other tools when I would just prefer to use MIRO, imagine working at 2am and all your monitors are in dark mode, Sketch, VSCode, Terminal and then Meet MIRO a shinning white UI that kills your eyes.

Even trying to force Miro to go dark mode doesn’t work the Chrome Experimental Flag to force dark mode doesn’t affect Miro, as it’s rendering canvas.

I appreciate there is a feature request for things like this, but delivering this feature requested 12 months ago should be higher on your priority list if you want to improve retention/churn.




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@Jennifer Yzelman - I have used the “Raise hand” on a few occasions and the effect was the same: It went unnoticed.

My feedback is that its color/location in reference to the blue Share button does not make it stand out - perhaps a slight animation would help too - at the time the first hand is raised, when any subsequent hands are raised, and them on an interval e.g., every 45-90 seconds.


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Hi @Robert Johnson Thanks a lot for your feedback! Very valuable. We’ll take this into consideration and see how can improve this over time. 

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@Xavier Akram :

As someone who does add new ideas here in this community mostly and who find all my ideas are important and maybe sometimes more worth to look at and to implement them:

I know software or miro-developers are working permanently to get the best out of this product and always to bring user-wishes to life … sometimes it takes longer … but this longer work should’t stop the developers to go on with adding new features to miro …

Maybe there are some implementations that doesn’t take so long …

Should the developers stop their working only they have not implemented the dark mode or the offline-mode …

If this had been reality the following implementations had never seen the light till now:

  • Bugfixes
  • Miroverse
  • Timer Plugin with music
  • Frames improvements
  • Updated activity-list
  • New Tables functionality
  • Integrations of PostIt
  • Flexible Enterprise Plan integration
  • UnDraw App
  • Better implementation of guest editors
  • ….

No one of us know really how hard it is to work on the implementation of the dark mode … we even not knowing although we see the number of over 300 wishes how many other wishes and support tickets are opened with exact the wishes above …

This what we see is only a tip of the iceberg - we never see what’s going on under the water … 

I know how you feel because I have the same here in Germany with the GDPR and the concernes here in Germany are extreme in this case … time burns and it is so important for us Germans but I also know:

Miro is working on this … and miro is working on the dark-mode.

We will see a solution


I use Miro in professional work settings and many colleagues just don't want to use the heart, party etc reactions.  The reactions are too social media FB for me. I would like professional reactions that encourage use in work settings and the same default reactions all social media have.  

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@Peter Austin - Because I am curious, and because Miro would surely appreciate more detailed feedback, what would a few examples of "professional" or "work settings" reactions be?

Some examples:


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@Jennifer Yzelman - I just noticed that the list of “raised hands” does not maintain the order in which people raised their hands - I would expect to see these in the order in which people put their hands up, so I can answer them in order.

I tested with three Miro accounts to try and understand the logic. From a few minutes of testing, I am 99% sure it is not ordering them by Miro account profile Id or by the order in which they joined the current board session.