🎉 New Apps in Miro Marketplace - November 2022

  • 7 December 2022
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Hey Miro Community! Did you know there are Miro apps that can help you work even better?

Check out the newest apps available on the Miro Marketplace - built by our developer community.

  • Spinny Picker Wheel - Spin the wheel to make a random selection from items on the board - for planning sessions, ice breakers, and more!
  • Slideshow - Create an infinite loop of your Miro presentation, so you can present it automatically.
  • Update! Dice - Use the newly improved Dice app on the board to help with your planning meetings.
  • Exact Dimensions - Specify the supported dimensions of Miro board items including the X coordinate, Y coordinate, width, height and rotation
  • Boost.space - Create tons of automations within Miro, to save time and automate workflows.

Which app are you going to try? Let us know what you think in the comments ⬇️

Visit the Miro Marketplace to explore tons of other apps and integrations for documentation, task tracking, productivity and more!

Want to build your own app? Get started on the Miro Developer portal.

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