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Miro - What we launched in March 2022

  • 12 April 2022
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Miro - What we launched in March 2022
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Behind the scenes, we’ve been continuously improving Miro’s features for seamless collaboration, no matter where or how you work.

To make sure we meet the security and scalability needs of enterprises of all sizes, everything we launch — whether it’s a new feature or enhancement — is enterprise-ready, and we’re continuing to focus on advanced security and compliance

We’ve been working closely with thousands of our customers, all over the world, to figure out how Miro fits within their strategies for hybrid work. And we’re committed to expanding capabilities for all teams to visually collaborate in a hybrid work environment

We will continue to invest in our integrations and extensive platform approach to ensure that Miro seamlessly connects to your team’s favorite tools. So, no matter which platforms you select for video conferencing or content management, for example, Miro will be able to work with it out of the box, simplifying your workflows and collaboration.

Earlier this year, we shared a mega roundup of updates and improvements we released in 2021. Going forward, we’ll be sharing a recap of product updates and improvements every month so you can stay up-to-date on all our latest and greatest features and enhancements to make your workflows smoother — and help you build your next big idea.


🔗 Check out our March roundup of releases to see how Miro’s newest features and improvements can help your team innovate and collaborate.


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