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it doesn’t seem like there is a way to lock a grid so that participants in a brainstorm can just click in the entry field (text field) or drag something to the given cell. the locking seems to be all or nothing and inconsistent (like a grid building can’t say “lock this stuff, but leave this stuff open” the way you might do with a form filling out version of a pdf for instance. So random guest editors or naive senior executives who haven’t figured out your “interaction physics” are stuck feeling like they broke something. Help?

No solution on the product side atm – and feedback definitely taken. A workaround – maybe you can take some time at the beginning of the session (normally 5-10 minutes is enough) to help people familiarize themselves with the product a little bit. We’ve seen many facilitators using Miro for workshops do that and it helps make all collaborators more comfortable when working on the board.


I’m having this problem and it’s frustrating.  Once a column width expands, it won’t always contract back to the same size as the rest of the columns.  

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This is very welcome!

After using it a little bit:


  • Missing vertical alignment
  • Can't group assets inside cells
  • Can we have padding and cell spacing?

Vertical alignment is coming soon :) Other requests are also noted – passing them along to the product team. 

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The grid is an awesome feature :-)
I have been using it to create some swim lanes to describe user flows for a system we are building.

I have noticed that often I can not resize the rows or columns, even though there is enough free space. 
I have shifted to manual cell resize.
I have shapes and connection lines in the cells and the lines also go across the cells.

I nice add on would be to make it possible to change text direction to vertical, in my case I would use that for row names. That is often used for swim lanes. In the current setup, the text gets in my way ;-)


Other than that, I love working with the grid and Miro in general :-)

I tested a bit more and have found that if I delete the lines connecting across cells, I can resize. 
This is though a bit annoying as you might imagine ;-)

Thanks for using Grids and giving us feedback, Mikael! 

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Did anyone received this feature? @Lena Shenkarenko where can we see the roadmap for this feature.