Gain more visibility and control with new user management & admin settings

  • 20 February 2020
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User Management & Admin Settings


The following updates are available for Enterprise plan users only

Verify and claim company-owned domains to automatically capture newly registered users under your existing Enterprise subscription. You can also prevent users from creating new subscriptions to enable seamless collaboration under a centrally managed, company account.

Introducing a new license type to enable organization-wide collaboration. If your account has reached the cap for day passes and full licenses, new users will now be automatically added as viewers/commenters. They can request edit access in the Miro app which will notify company admins to approve the request for additional licenses. 

Improved settings that allow company and team admins to set up options for how users can see and join different teams. Additionally, create hidden teams to ensure only users who are specifically invited can see them. We've also made it easier for end users to join teams on their own, without needing an admin to add and approve them.


Visit the Miro blog to learn more.

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