Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template numbers

  • 16 August 2021
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Does the WBS auto generate the item numbers? Is there add it so that if I make changes down the road I don’t have to re-number every item manually?

For example:




3 replies

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@barbosabk -  For those who may not know what you are referring to (myself included), can you please provide some more context?

For example - are you referring to

  • a template - and if so, which template?
  • numbered lists in text fields?
  • another Miro features, e.g., User Story Map or Kanban?
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Hi @Robert Johnson , I am referring to the WBS template. Once you’re in the app and search for the WBS template, it does not come up. 

However it can be found here - 

I originally found it through a Google search. But I am wondering if there is a more automated way to populate it. If the only way to use this template is to manually add boxes and connecting lines and to manually number the items, it’s very time consuming. 

I’m hoping there’s a better way that I’m unaware of. 



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@barbosabk -

Given that it is just a bunch of cards connected by arrows, no, there is no additional behavior associated with the template. Adding levels or populating with with WBS IDs would need to be done manually.