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I work for a subsidiary for a large retail brand in Australia. Our Miro enterprise licensing is setup so that there is seperation between us (the department store), the (much larger) supermarkets business, and “everyone else”. Initially, we in the department store business left invites open to allow for “All team members” to invite anyone else as they deemed necessary - due to covid, we didn’t want to put any admin overhead/restriction that would slow people down from doing their job.


This has all been fine, but I recently found out that there’s been about a hundred licenses issued (via invites) where there hasn’t been any authorisation for spend. That in itself isn’t an issue as that will be resolved internally.


My question relates to the “Invitation Settings”, found in Permissions for each Team. I recently enabed the “Company Admins only” option for team Invitation Settings. A colleague of mine sent me a screenshot of what he saw when he tried to invite someone to his board. I’ve removed the team name and email addresses for privacy reasons.


However, from what I see below, the Company Admin that is going to be notified comes from the supermarkets business whilst our team is the department store business. The only reasoning behind why this person would be notified is because he’s first alphabetically in the list of Company Admin (his email address starts with ‘a’).


So, my question is, is this configurable? If so, where?



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@Paul Snedden - The Miro Enterprise Plan does include paid, prioritized support. Have you created a support ticket?


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@Paul Snedden - By the way, thanks for the delatiled description of your issue - your plan type, mention of roles, "quoting exact settings", what you've tried already, etc. - all of those details make a difference! Now I only wish I could help, but the Business and Enterprise Plans are the only two plans with which I have no experience.

Thanks @Robert Johnson, I blame all those years I did on Helpdesk where I wish I had a customer like me hahaha


I didn’t even think to raise a ticket, so thanks for that. I normally flick these things through to our account manager, but I didn’t want to hassle him too much :) 

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Ahhh, yes - those glorious helpdesk days. I learned a lot fromy own stint.

I suppose that part of my interest in hanging out on this forum has been to learn more about communication styles i.e., elaborating, exacting, succinct (and, you know, Miro stuff too).

In the spirit of educating & helpingothers, if the solution does comes from the support team, please do pop back in here quick and share it with the rest of us. Thanks!

They were good times. I'm not sure of you're age, but many years ago (last century haha) during one Christmas skeleton crew period, we all diverted our work phones to our mobile/cell phones and then went to the pub.


I will absolutely share the results. We can all Shlearn (share and learn) together.

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@Paul Snedden - I am 46, but a young 46 (last week!) haha.

I was lucky as the owner of the ISP I did technical support for would sometimes send me across the street to pick up some Guinness to drink while we jammed on electric guitars in between calls.

And while we’re on the topic, I still have these photos from the day I had to buy bottles vs. cans and had to use a bookshelf to remove the bottlecap - it flew up with such force that it cut my forehead on it’s way to taking a chunk out of the ceiling tile.



Hahaha that’s awesome. Not so much for your head, but the story is hilarious :)


I got a response from Miro regarding my issue. Basically, all my assumptions were correct regarding the Admin who gets emailed about the invite (the first one, alphabetically). There’s no current way of configuring this, so I’m SooL on this one I’m afraid.


Back to the drawing board.

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@Paul Snedden - I “Like”’d that you received a definitive answer, not that you’re SooL.

Just an update, @Robert Johnson (and anyone else who might be interested).


I got our IT Overlords to create a new email account for me (admin.miro@) which I then auto-forward all emails to my account. I then created a new Miro account (called Admin Admin) using the admin.miro email account. Once that was all setup, I gave it Company Admin access….now, I get all the emails :)


Yes it’s a “waste” of a license, but at least the emails/requests are going to the right person.

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@Paul Snedden - Taking matters into your own hands until Miro can curb the team email spam. Consider the addition license a convenience tax :no_mouth: