Value Stream mapping - best templates?

  • 31 July 2020
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Hi- I am new to Miro, yet so far, it is great!  Do you have suggestions for the best template for value stream mapping?  Initially we thought to use flow chart and build out shapes, yet curious if there is a better template similar to shapes/templates that Visio value stream templates have? 

 Thanks in advance for any ideas!

4 replies

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@Betsy -

There is no canned VSM template available (the one here is more of a process support tool for doing VSM, but a lot depends on how elaborate you want to make your VSM.

I’ve found using the basic shapes with arrow connectors, color-coding the activity boxes to denote VA/NVA/BNVA and then adding text within the boxes or above or below them to denote the value-add time vs. waiting time is sufficient but if you are looking for something a lot more elaborate that might take more effort.

You can create the shapes yourself and then save those in a shared custom template which you can import into any new board where you intend to do VSM.


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Kiron I have been playing in this space myself and the hardest part is exporting to excel and using the data. I have used grids with the process steps up top, timings below, value adding/waste next and then internal and external customer feelings at the bottom. It gets a tad messy when exporting the info into excel!

@Kiron Bondale  perhaps you can share yours with us? I would really appreciate that. I found a great one in Lucidcharts but prefer to use Miro...Thanks in advance

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@Danny Hellemons -

I haven’t created any templates for this as I don’t do a lot of VSM but perhaps others in the community might be able to create and share theirs.