Value of the Miro Community? Share your experience!

  • 9 November 2020
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Hi Miro Heroes, 

We’ve launched this community forum earlier this year. And I wonder if you can share your experience with Miro Online Community :dizzy:

Just a few suggestions to elaborate on: Do you find this place helpful? Have you found new friends/colleagues/soul mates here? What skills does it help you to develop? What are the most valuable things for you in this online community?


Please leave your feedback in the comments below :wink:


6 replies

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@Marina -

Great topic given the community has been up and running for a number of months now!

The community has helped me in a few different ways. First, when I was learning the platform it was a great source of knowledge whether that was different ways to do things or workarounds till a product enhancement became available. It also was a good platform to lobby for or to support product enhancements. 

Beyond these “obvious” benefits, I also benefited from getting a few short gigs helping other Miro users with the design of their boards, and I also gave myself the challenge of being the #1 (all time) contributor which I’ve been able to maintain for a couple of months :grin:

At this point, my interactions in the community are primarily to support other users, and I’m very happy that @Robert Johnson , @Simon.Harris , @Isman Tanuri, @mlanders and others are there to do the same!


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The miro community gave me a way to learn miro in it’s depth.

By searching solutions for userquestions and showing them I learned a lot more about miro and so I became more and more part of it.

Everyone of us - no matter asking or answering - learns and I learned a lot and I want to thank everyone:
@Kiron Bondale , @Robert Johnson , @Isman Tanuri , @Michael Sohn , @Simon.Harris , @Jonathan White so many many others - everyone of you showed me different possibilities with this plattform I really enjoy my time here … and it is not only this:

It is the short way to the developers - this community and everyone of the mironeers who are here:

Of course: @Marina and everyone else from miro - you listen to us what we like to see and you create it  - the passwordprotection for guests is only one of the highlights …

… is an other the miroverse …

and much much more ….

The magic and the strength of miro (and its community) is because you give us so much space

  • to be ourself  
  • to help each other
  • to ask myself everytime I work with miro:
     There is surley a way to do this in miro or
     … how could this be created in an easier way in miro?
  • to tell our needs and 
  • to hear this needs and
  • to create the answers to our needs reflected by the miro platform


So thank you for beeing part of this community.


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ive found the the community to be diverse, supportive and friendly ;)

Apologise ive not been active lately; i’m recovering from a stroke.

i may have comments on how usable it is one handed in the future but for now im focussed on relearning more basic skills then remote collab!

ciao all

stay safe

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Dear community,

let me start by saying that you are an amazing bunch of individuals who are motivating me, on a daily basis, to be better and to develop more and more each day - this happens mostly in the background as my internal process so I really appreciate the opportunity to speak loudly about it now :) You guys rock!

When it comes to the community being helpful - absolutely! Most of the time I don’t really have so many experienced professionals close to me and all in one place, so I know this is the place to be and the place to ask questions and that together we’ll come up with a great solution.

@Marina special thanks to you for always keeping me in the loop! Your dedication really shows and we are blessed to have you as a community manager, and to have many others who actively participate in the discussion and bring new views to the horizon.

It’s a cliche to say it - but truly the biggest value of Miro community are the people - and what a great group of people we are :)

A big hug to everyone :hugging:

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I came to the community as a fairly intermediate Miro user with a question about a change in behaviour I had noticed - @mlanders and @Kiron Bondale responded very quickly, which was encouraging. As I read through some other questions I quickly realized that I could in turn help some others out, so I stuck around.

Eight months later and there have been so many benefits including:

  • Helping others while learning from others.
  • Learning more about Miro.
  • Challenging myself to come up with creative solutions to problems.
  • Enhancing my critical reading skills to understand the poster’s scenario/issue/etc.
  • Improving my written communication skills.
  • Learning even more about Miro.
  • Satisfying my inherent curiosity when it comes to figuring out how things work and then sharing the outcomes (most recent example of this here).
  • Taking on my first gig of helping another Miro user get up-to-speed and ready to start using Miro with their clients.
  • Finally dedicating the time to make my Getting to know Miro board as my entry in the Miro 101 Templates Challenge (and scoring a prize for my efforts!).
  • Making numerous internal Miro contacts which had led to some great discussions and also opportunities for me to directly contribute to upcoming Miro features.
  • Meeting new people from all over the world, including some fellow Canadians, which has led to even more great discussions, opportunities, and even virtual beers 🍻
  • Feeling a sense of team with so many other community members! → @Kiron Bondale, @Simon.Harris, @Isman Tanuri, @Jonathan White, @Max Harper

I will be celebrating my 3-year #miroversary soon and I’m excited to see where things go next with Miro and this community.



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This community has been a lifesaver (many times) and full of insights and ideas to make magic for my clients and learners. I enjoy that most of us came on board at the same time due to this virus thingie and helped one another one. Glad to see the community growing and continuing providing value for new/veteran Miro users!