Using Miro for an online conference as a message/idea board

  • 9 May 2021
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I would like to use Miro for an upcoming virtual conference. There will be about 300 attendees, so they will all have their own email addresses. Can I create a board and send them a link to access it and edit it even thought they do not have email addresses with the same domain Name as me?

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@Bridget Chisholm - Yes, this can be done, but how depends on your Miro plan type.

What plan type do you have?

While we wait for you to provide this information, I will give a few options based upon the basic free vs. paid scenario.

Free Plan - requires the attendees have a Miro account

The only way someone can edit a board that resides in a Free Plan team is to be a team member.

Once they are a team member, then can see all boards on your account and edit them, unless you change the board's Share settings to "Team access to board: Can view".

The quickest way to make someone a team member so they can edit a specific board is enable the team invite link feature. To do this,

  1. Click on your Team profile settings button


  2. And then Permissions and enable the following option - Note do NOT enable “All team members”: 
  3. Then, from the board you want to share, click on Share and use the Copy invite link button:


A few things to note about using this link:

  1. Anyone who clicks it will be taken to the board AND automatically added a Team Member on your Free Plan team.
  2. They can see all boards in your team, and edit them unless you change the team access to "can view".
  3. They will be able to create boards in your Free Plan team, therefore using up your allotted editable board quota - you can read more on this here →

If you were going to use a Free Plan team for a conference, I would suggest creating a new account with a difference email address and add your current account email address as a member of that team.

Paid Plan - no Miro account required

Definitely a better option, even f only for one month. The Consultant Plan is the lowest cost option at $15 for one user for one month.

With the exception of the Enterprise Plan (and the Sharing Policy be configured to support pubic sharing), you can use the Guest Editor mode to configure a board so that anyone with the link--no Miro account required-- can view, comment on, or edit the board.