Trick: Arrow-Following - nice feature and a timesaver

  • 30 March 2021
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the miro programmers are awsome and added a new feature. This feature is nice and its a timesaver:


You have to drag the arrow till the center of the sticky - till you see a white-blue-dot

than everything works perfect:


@mironeer developers: Thank you miro - You’re awsome:thumbsup::dizzy:



8 replies

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Great analysis, @mlanders - thanks for pointing this out to us all!

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Good catch, @mlanders :wink: And thank you for sharing it with the community!

By the way, this is not a new feature :see_no_evil:  We described this behavior in the article Connection Lines.

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@Marina  ...:eyes:

I use miro so long and haven’t noticed this feature …

I love miro so much … it’s like an old couple living together and after years maybe there is still something new - good … you haven’t noticed before …



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Good catch, @mlanders :wink: And thank you for sharing it with the community!

By the way, this is not a new feature :see_no_evil:  We described this behavior in the article Connection Lines.

I think I picked this up during development of Clusterizer -- so many hours spent with lines and sticky notes. Indeed these are the little details that add up to the best UI of collaborative white boarding tools. 

@mlanders never a bad time to thank the Miro developers 🙂🙏  … I love these thank you notes you’ve been writing, keep em coming. 

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I use this all the time! I actually have a few wishes that I feel aren't big enough to make separate posts for, but I'll take the liberty of piggybacking on this thread 😇

- I wish I could set this to be the default when creating new elements while drawing a new connection

- I wish it was possible to combine it with the shape edge connection feature, so the line ends automatically trace the shape contours.

- I love how multiple lines spread out automatically when connecting to the same side of an element. But I wish this would work together with "fixed" edge connections (which always snap to the center point), because it looks bad when there's a mix.

Actually, being able to control this per line as a style setting would be nice, choosing between three modes: Snap to side center, snap to side spread-out, and trace contours. And you'd still control which side to use or to pick sides automatically using the existing connection points on shapes. That would basically combine all my wishes, since new lines use the same style settings as the last one, essentially making it "default".

Centre Connection has become ‘odd’
I use centre connecton all the time, but sometime recently MIRO has changed and no longer shows be the white centre dot to connect to - I can stil make a connection, but cannot see the dot to be sure - so have to try and and then move object to test it has worked>
ASLO in some cases - the arrow then sits in front of the object - on top of the stick-ie - where is used to sit at the edge, even when centre connected.

Some people have mentioned that miro should default to the user's preference of center without even offering them the side connections.


Personalized parameters for all the tools on a per-user, per-board basis would be great.

Store a config that is indexed by user and by board.

In the config, save everything the user wishes - color pallet, arrow styles, pen styles, connection type preferences, etc.


Next time the board is opened by the user, they will be right back where they left off.

Let users copy their config as they would a board template.


Easy peasy. No more annoyances with defaults changing and needed to reset every rectangle transparency and arrow pointer and line width every single time a new board is started. Miro can just use the last profile or let the user switch to a prefered profile template in their library.

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@Jason Dinkel -

I’d recommend opening a wish list item for this following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro