'The Big Three' Challenge 🏆

'The Big Three' Challenge 🏆
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Hi Miro Community!

May 31st is Miroverse’s third birthday and our second-annual online event, Into the Miroverse — a gathering to learn from expert Creators and connect with a global community of like-minded peers. 🙌

In celebration, we’re awarding a couple of goodies from the Miro Shop to the four most creative posts in the comments below, answering the question: What does Miroverse mean to you? 💫

For inspiration, consider your answers to these questions:

  • What is your favorite Miroverse template and why?
  • Which Miroverse category do you use most?
  • What is your favorite Miro feature, or the one you use most when creating boards ? (Ex., Sticker packs, icon finder, pen tool, etc.)

Get as creative as you like! All formats and ways of thinking are welcome — from Talktracks to written stories and everything in between. 🙂 Post by June 13th to be eligible to win!


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Miroverse means a lot to me. It’s a place where I can find inspiration, learn new skills, and share my work with others. It’s a community of creative and collaborative people who use Miro to make amazing things happen. It’s a source of joy and growth for me. 💫


My favorite Miroverse template is the Character Mix & Match Icebreaker by Facilitator School. I like it because it's a fun and creative way to get to know each other and break the ice before a meeting or workshop. You can mix and match different body parts of famous characters to create your own avatar and share it with others.



The Miroverse category I use most is Icebreakers & Games because I enjoy playing games and having fun with others. I think games can help build trust, collaboration, and engagement among teams and participants.



My favorite Miro feature is the icon finder because it allows me to search and insert icons from various sources into my boards. I can use icons to make my boards more visual, colorful, and expressive. I can also customize the icons by changing their size, color, rotation, and opacity.

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First happy Birthday Miro!

It’s difficult to say, what does Miro means to me, because it’s not a person. But, it became a part of my daily life which helps you in advance in your life, which encourage you to learn more, and be organise, which empower you thinking and boost your creativity, which give you an infinite space to create, draw, imagine, and put anything in your mind in to canvas. Not every one is an artist or a good painter, but Miro gives us the a canvas a drawing board where we are paint our ideas. 

I use Mountain of tomorrow few times, and it’s an amazing template with really good graphics. 


The Miroverse category which i use most is the Strategy & Planning, because there are lot’s of templates which helps you to think and plan 


My fav feature is Flow Charts, Mind maps, Frames, and Icon finder :) 

Wishing Miro a huge success and thanks to creaters of Miro, in-case if you ever come to India and visit Delhi, let me know and happy to offer a cup of Chai (local India Team) to you.



Miroverse is a captivating kaleidoscope of imagination and collaboration, where ideas swirl and connections ignite. To me, Miroverse is an endless invitation to explore uncharted territories of creativity, a boundless playground of inspiration waiting to be harnessed.

Whenever I yearn for a creative spark or find myself entangled in the web of project ponderings, I venture into the enchanting depths of Miroverse. Guided by the artistry of fellow Mironeers, I traverse its vast expanse, filled with exciting treasures awaiting exploration.

Immersed in a sea of adoration for Miro's vast repertoire of features, selecting a favorite becomes an intricate task. The Wireframe Library steals my heart, offering a playground for rapid and unrefined prototyping, while the Jira Cards take center stage, orchestrating the symphony of collaboration between developers and business minds. Yet, my curiosity is piqued by the evolving Program Board, its potential awaiting to be unlocked with a sprinkle of small but transformative enhancements. Oh, Miro, you leave me enamored, forever longing for the next chapter of your captivating evolution.