Tell us about the most exciting thing that happened to you in 2021 💥

  • 5 January 2022
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Hi everyone,

And Happy New Year! Welcome to  :two::zero::two::two:  I hope you all had amazing holidays :sparkles:


I’m sure you’ve already reflected on 2021 and it’s results. Can you share one of the most exciting things that happened to you last year? It can be your most successful work project, promotion, long-awaited Miro release, unforgettable event, personal achievement, etc!


Curios to learn more about your 2021 :blush:


4 replies

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Happy New Year!!!:heart_eyes:


I joined Miro in 2021 which i am super happy about :sunglasses: 

Learned a lot of new things, met some amazing people, and discovered some of my talents :hugging:

Also got to travel in lockdown which i’m very grateful for :tada:

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@Marina -

The most exciting thing in 2021 was a toss-up between getting my first book published and relocating to our new home in Welland.

The most exciting Miro thing in 2021 was the collaboration I had with a few other Miro users on the topic of managing energy and improving engagement in workshops which resulted in a blog post and a couple of collaborative sessions. The second most exciting Miro thing in 2021 was Miro Heroes and the arrival of my Miro hoodie :grin:


Sounds great, @Kiron Bondale! Can you please share that blog post here? 

And congrats on the first book and the move  :tada:

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Sure @Marina - the article can be found here: