• 4 August 2020
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Hi All,

I am using Miro a lot for my work: i love it, and love sketchnoting.

Also using the Miro App on Ipad with the apple pencil, I find it a bit limited. For example if i doodle something and I need to select it and move, it is not very handy.

Anyone is including sketchnote on Miro? what would you recommend to use? Do you have any video or material to see specifically?

Even better if I don’t need an additional tool!

Thank you


6 replies

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Hi @Ilaria Doria 

I note you say using Miro a lot so my simple suggestions may be because I’ve missed something in your description of need - if the below aren’t suitable please clarify.

I guess you know that if you select all the items you want to move then you can group them? Things in a group move as a single item :) 

Perhaps the normal <shift-drag> action is a challenge on iPad & pencil (i’m not an iPad user) and thats why your asking for an alternate? In which case how about creating a frame before your make notes. Anything drawn within the boundary of the frame can then be moved as a unit by moving the frame. If you later overflow you can resize the frame. (you can even group the frames to move collections around together)

Stay safe - Simon

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Hi @Ilaria Doria ,

Thanks for the request! We are working on the improved experience of the Miro iPad app with Apple Pencil and trying to solve the abovementioned issues. 

If you are open to talk with me about your experience and try out a prototype, please choose a convenient time slot for you via this link.

Thanks Tolya, i sent for this coming week a slot 




hey guys,


same here, improvement with pencil will be perfect (variable lines, palm rejection, maybe handwritig recognition or at least searchable)


i love miro ;)

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This is also of interest to me… I tried to create the below image backgrounds natively in Miro, but ended up having to switch to a 3rd party sketching app to create them.  It took me like 20 tries to get it right as I bounced back and forth from one app to the other.  I had to keep taking screenshots of Miro, dropping them into the other app as a layer, creating the images, then bringing them back into Miro and making sure they worked, etc.  

Miro was also super limited in what I could do with the images, such as brush types, layering transparencies, etc.

And these were SUPER simple images… just swirlies!



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Found this thread…. Any recent improvements on iPad and Apple Pencil with Miro?