🚀 New Templates in Miroverse - May 2023

  • 8 June 2023
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🚀 New Templates in Miroverse - May 2023
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Welcome to the May Miroverse community roundup! 

May is a special month because it marks Miroverse’s third birthday. 🥳  We celebrated by gathering the community and learning from the best and brightest at our second-annual virtual event, Into the Miroverse. If you missed it, you can watch the full recording here.  

Over the past month, you’ve added more than 120 templates to Miroverse, generously sharing methods for problem-solving, product management, innovating and more. Check out the newest templates to find inspiration for your next project. 💫 

In monthly roundups, we usually highlight standout Creators with the most copied, published, and liked templates. However, May had some surprises in store! Two Creators tied for Most Published, and another Creator took the lead for both Most Copied and Most Liked. Plus, we’ve partnered with two experts in their industry to bring you helpful new resources sure to level up your work — more on that below!

So, let's dive in and recap our community’s incredible accomplishments from this month.


@Yura Nikulin | Most Copied and Most Liked Miroverse Creator 🚀


🌟SEO expert, @Yura Nikulin, devoted his first Miroverse template to a topic he’s passionate about: SEO strategy. It's been an absolute sensation! 🎉🚀

In just one month, Yura's template has already earned 7k+ views, with 1k+ copies and 200+ likes! 💪🔥

For all you fellow and soon-to-be Creators out there, you absolutely need to check out Yura's template. It's a prime example of how to dominate the game! In true SEO fashion, Yura found success by:

  • Choosing a descriptive, specific template name that tells you exactly what to expect
  • Writing a clear, detailed description to help users be successful with his template including how to use it, who its for, and how to create an SEO strategy with numbered, step-by-step instructions
  • Using subheads, emojis, and bullets to make the description engaging and easy to read

This template is skyrocketing not just in Miroverse, but also on Google search! 📈💯

Let's give a huge shoutout to Yura for his phenomenal work! Keep it up, we can't wait to see what masterpiece you come up with next. 🎨✨


Axelle Vanquaillie | Most Published Miroverse Creator 🚀


Let's give a round of applause to @Axelle Vanquaillie! 👏 Founder of Drawify, Axelle has just been crowned May's most-published Miroverse Creator, with five total templates published! 🎨

Axelle's genius idea of incorporating Drawify’s custom illustrations into templates has made her board examples fun, extraordinary, and one-of-a-kind. 🌟

Axelle, your creativity is impressive! We can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! 🤩 Keep up the fantastic work! 💫

P.S. To take your board visuals to the next level, try out the Miro + Drawify integration. It's a great way to add a playful touch to your visuals in Miro.


NanoGiants | Most Published Miroverse Creator 🚀


🎉 Let's also congratulate NanoGiants! 👏 They have earned a well-deserved spot among our most celebrated Creators by successfully publishing five templates in Miroverse. 🎉

NanoGiants is a team of consultants, coaches, and cross-functional product experts. Their primary mission is to help companies build software products with a fast time-to-market, employing a proven product development process. Through templates, they’ve generously made their expertise accessible to everyone in this community. 🌟

Whether it's managing user insights or constructing a comprehensive roadmap, NanoGiants' Miroverse profile is full of valuable examples for Product Management workshops. You definitely don't want to miss out on their wealth of knowledge! 💼

NanoGiants, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your creative contributions. Your dedication and expertise shine through in every template you create. 🎨 Keep up the exceptional work! 💫


Yuri, @Axelle Vanquaillie, and NanoGiants  — congratulations! Feel free to share your accomplishments on social and tag @Mirohq and #miroverse so we can help you celebrate.


Lenny Rachitsky | Curated template collection 🚀


BIG NEWS: Product expert, podcast host, and angel investor, Lenny Rachitsky curated a collection of his favorite templates in Miroverse. It’s packed with guides and resources to ace your work, including Lenny’s own "One-pager" and "State of Me" frameworks.

Check out Lenny's Picks.


Lisette Sutherland | Professional spotlight 🚀


Thousands of talented subject matter experts use Miro to get their work done very day, and many are active participants in Miroverse, making their skills and resources accessible to all of us in the Miroverse community. 🌟

One such expert and Miroverse Creator is Lisette Sutherland — a renowned facilitator, speaker, author, and expert in all things collaboration. Her book, Work Together Anywhere, is a practical, inspirational guide to working remotely for individuals, teams, and managers 📚

Lisette has just published a Personal User Manual template on Miroverse to help your and your team get to know each other, and therefore collaborate more effectively. 🤝 Lisette has also recorded a video walkthrough with tips to get the most of the template. Check out the Personal User Manual for improved connections with your team today.👥💡



Discover thousands of customizable templates created by Miro Community members for real projects and problems in Miroverse. Share with us what you found interesting this month in the thread below.

Feeling inspired? Join our community of creators and share your ideas with the world.

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WOW! Unexpectedly 😎

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@Yura Nikulin, we're impressed with how you optimized your template for search results - great job!

Great to see the effort recognised :D Glad to be part of this community

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