New Miroverse template: Build Measure Learn!

  • 29 March 2022
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Hey dear Lean-Agilists!

Just wanted to share a Miroverse template I published yesterday:

Build Measure Learn!


Build-measure-learn (BML) is a process of building a product, measuring consumer metrics, and learning from them to better respond to customer needs and improve the product for the ultimate sustainability of the company.

It is one of the central principles of Lean Startup – a startup method pioneered by Eric Ries.

The purpose of the template is to keep track on what’s in the different phases of the BML cycle. It basically replaces the traditional linear Kanban board (cards can be used instead of sticky notes in order to add more information).

Anyone who has experience working according to Lean UX principles might recognize the cyclical concept – in Lean UX, it’s called Think-make-check. I will probably do a TMC template as well in the future. 😊

Let me know what you think!

6 replies

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@Henrik Ståhl -

Nice! I’m sure a variant of this could be done with Deming’s PDSA cycle if we wanted to break out the Plan & Do stages from Build.


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@Kiron Bondale I'm sure it can be customized to fit the PDSA cycle. Not a big fan of it myself though, since it's sequential and pretty rigid. The power of the BLM and TMC cycles is that they are non-sequential. Any of the three phases can be the starting point, and they can move in any direction: Build-measure-learn, learn-build-measure, learn-measure-build, measure-build-learn.


This is great!

What would one place in the “Free-Floating” area for Build items.  How would you think of items being “built” if they aren’t WIP -- or do the three categories not apply to free-floating items?

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Thanks @Eric Chijioke, I’m glad you like it!

You can use the FF area as a neutral “resting place” for things that will be inserted into the BLM cycle in the future, but you can also apply the categories to them. Whatever suits you, really. 😊 

If you for example have researched dark mode as part of Learn and know that you will build it in the near future but are currently prioritizing other things, you could “park” it as a Build item in the FF area.

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Nice, this is very bieautilfull! 

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Thank you @Véronique Carbonneau! 🙏 Personally though, I think the Think-Make-Check template I did right after this one is even better, design-wise: