Name one thing you think our community does well & one thing we could improve

  • 23 June 2021
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Hey Miro Heroes! :star2:

We want to make sure you love this community and feel comfortable here :hugging:

As we move forward and develop community programs, we really need to hear from you to inform our strategy and improve your overall experience with Miro Community.

:nerd:  Please take a moment to name one thing you think our community does well and one thing we could improve.


Share your thoughts in the thread :point_down_tone2:


4 replies

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@Marina -

  1. Comprehensive, generous support from multiple users and Mironeers.
  2. Provide better insights into the ideas. For example, which ones are ranking high on the Miro product roadmap.


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Agree on point 1 from Kiron in 100% this hits the nail - Thanks @Kiron Bondale 

The second point from Kiron is one of my biggest wishes for the future:

The Wishlist is a strong and perfect tool for us users and for you Mironeers but it should give a bit more a glimpse of what coming up next in a status bar - so we know what we can hope for:


It is totally clear to me that you’re working on so much more than in our wishes but it shows:
Ok - wishlist is growing but we still have to wait f.e. like my graphic shows in the “Offline mode” wish

Of course it shows your competitor what comes next … so I know it’s not so easy to decide this …

But at this time much of the users hoping automaticly: Most wishes equals most option to have the next milestone in miro

We have to move from this automatism and giving us users the feeling of beeing heard.

… Don’t ge me wrong: For me this community and this Wishlist and every section of the community is one of the biggest “Hearing-To-The-Users” tools in the world - if there is a price for hearing and listening to users miro has to earn the best price like an oscar or the best cup of the world :trophy:


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@Kiron Bondale and @mlanders thank you for your input! It’s very helpful to hear what comes to mind as we explore what’s next for our community strategy. I agree that it’s very special that we have a space where people can come together. Also, I hear you on the Wishlist feedback and we’ll see what’s possible for next steps. The team and I will close that loop with you as soon as we have an update on our community vision overall. Thank you again!

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Name one thing you think our community does well - Simplicity of the site making it easy to use and most importantly - the gamification element with points, badges etc.

One thing we could improve - how the points on the leaderboard are rewarded. Currently I get points for any reply on a post, which makes it tempting to go into every post and reply/comment. One thing that could be improved is what behaviours on the community are being incentivised (speaking of which is there documentation somewhere on how the points work?)

Hope this helps! :) 

P.S. are there plans to reset the All time leaderboard? :smiling_imp: I don’t think anybody could ever beat @Robert Johnson. Jokes aside, it would interesting to see a leaderboard with the change in points on a monthly basis. For example @Robert Johnson might have the most points overall but might have increased his points by +50 in July because he was on vacation whilst @Kiron Bondale was super active and increased points by +500.