Miroverse Monday: more useful and fun templates!

  • 16 August 2021
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Happy Miroverse Monday!:confetti_ball:


We would like to welcome 6 new great Miroverse templates!:heart_eyes:


:bulb: A great Garden Planning by @Reid Thomas that inspires us to create non-work related templates :tada:

Garden Planning by Reid Thomas

:low_brightness: Personality Retrospective  by Henrik Ståhl and It’s Time to Travel! by Azul Villamor are great templates to connect and have fun with your team.


:round_pushpin:  Somos Par UX’s Design Process template and Ergon’s Problem Statement map will help you generate a common understanding with all stakeholders, help the team to be aligned and be productive, and create a common understanding of all project team members.

Design Process by Somos PAR UX

:pencil2:  Michelle Doyle’s Student Study board is great for students in Higher Education to complete modules and assignments. 


Let us know what you think in the comments, submit your own template to Miroverse & stay tuned for more next week!

3 replies

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Great! Thanks for sharing!

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@Reid Thomas Miro Garden! We finally see it :smile:

I love the color coding for watering!

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I love checking these releases with a cup of coffee and taking my time to check out the templates. As always, great job fam.