Miroverse Matching: Meet A New Partner to Co-Create in Miroverse

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Hi Miro Heroes!


Anna here :nerd:  Are you working up to subject matter expertise and dreaming of being published in Miroverse, — but aren't super confident with design? Match with experienced Miroverse creators to collaborate on a template together. 


We’re starting this thread so our Community members can collaborate, learn from each other, and share their favorite templates in Miroverse. 


To participate, please add a comment to this thread with the following details:

  • If you have a template idea and seek help: 

    • Add your name and your role

    • Write 1–3 sentences describing why you are interested in building the board and what type of audience are you hoping to reach

    • [Optional] If you have a vision for the board design, describe it l so Miro experts and enthusiasts with matching skills can find you

  • If you are volunteering to help:  

    • Add your name and your role

    • Comment on the idea that you are most interested in

    • With your partner, decide what’s the best way to coordinate. (To do so, you can use private messages in the Miro forum.)


  • If I had a template idea, I would say:
    • Anna Savina, Community Manager. I have an idea for a board about the history of International Women’s Day and it’s influence on women’s rights movement. I think it would be great to share reliable resources and inspirational stories about that day. The board audience is anyone who is interested in women’s rights and is a visual learner. I’m looking for someone with a design background to help me bring this idea to life!  
  • If I was volunteering to help, I would say:
    • Anna Savina, Community Manager. I have been using Miro for 4 years now and I’m happy to help anyone who is just starting out and has ideas for Miroverse. 


Collaborative board requirements: 

  • You can create a board to enter Womxn at Work challenge or share a template to Miroverse if you are interested in any other topic

  • Please credit all the collaborators who contributed to creating the template

  • For more detailed information, check out How to get published on Miroverse

Happy collaborating, and good luck!  :rocket:

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  • Colleen Curtis, Head of Community at Miro (Marketing/Product) 

  • I have been dreaming of publishing in Miroverse for ages! I’d love to connect with a designer to bring a board to life in the WomXn at Work Template Challenge! 

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I’m in a similar spot!

  • Alexis Luscutoff, Community Lead at Miro
  • I am inspired by the Womxn at Work template challenge! I am not visually inclined (to put it lightly), so I haven’t created a Miroverse template before, but I’d love to create an icebreaker or team-building board that pulls together stories of women throughout history who have made an impact on women in the workplace. This is a long list, so I might make it about women in U.S. history, but we shall see.
  • As far as board design, let’s go with something simple. 😇
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Hi Anna!

  • Karen Manhas, UX Designer at Kaluza. 
  • I would like to work on creating an icebreaker where folks can learn about prominent women in history (there are so many whose stories we do not know!), this can be someone who is/was a CEO, an activist etc. 
  • I’d be keen on working with someone who has a visual/graphic background and maybe an understanding of content. 🙂
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Hi @Colleen Curtis, @Alexis Luscutoff, and @Karen M! Unfortunately, I’m not a real designer (a wannabe, sort of, like all product owners/managers – we’re just a bunch of wannabes :see_no_evil::joy: ) but I’d LOVE to collaborate on a board for the Womxn at Work template challenge!

An icebreaker/team-building board where people can learn about prominent women or stories of women throughout history who have made an impact on women in the workplace both sounds great! I’m especially intrigued about impact on women in the workplace, that sounds like a really fascinating topic to explore.

Maybe we can do something together, all four of us? I’m a former journalist and editor, and I spent my first 4 years as product owner in the news industry, so I kind of know content. And I’ve published some templates in Miroverse. So if no real designers turn up, I’m a pretty good backup plan! If I can say so myself. :innocent:

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I’d be down for this @Henrik Ståhl! A true co-creation dream come true! 

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@Colleen Curtis It would be epic! 🤩 (keeping my fingers crossed this will come to fruition)

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@Henrik Ståhl @Colleen Curtis @Karen M I am so in! Will ping you all so we can set up a time! 

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hi anna!

- pedro segreto, independent designer and facilitator

- I've already created more than 50 design thinking tools and I have two templates in miroverse. I am open to collaborate and help anyone who want to design a new template.

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@pedro segreto will you be my partner in this challenge? I would love this! 


@Henrik Ståhl, @Alexis Luscutoff and @Karen M have formed a trio. :bulb::bulb::bulb:

Hello Everyone, 

  • Tony Bleything, Sr. Learning Experience Designer

  • In a past assignment, was asked to design a series of workshops to help our global enterprise strengthen role clarity among 5 global organizations with PMs.  As a final exercise, we wanted to make sure that people were using the same definitions when they read the RACI.  To determine how people where reading and interpreting the RACI, I built a RACI game.  The executive loved it, brought lots of new insights for the org, and it was presented as a case study on the Frost and Sullivan site.   I’d like to see if anyone can help move it from a prototype to something that could be used easily for other purposes.  Below is a picture of the game….

  • I’d like to figure out a way to 

    • Create blank cards that people can add their own scenarios to,

    • Create a way to shuffle cards (right now, I just pulled the image over the card and then moved it when we played. 

    • Refine the Rules and Mechanics

    • Build a better ‘board’ for the game itself


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@Colleen Curtis I am in! how would you like to do this? 

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Hello, Miro Creators! 

Frankie here from The Creative Gym. I have designed and co-created with other Miro creators to bring over 20+ Miro templates to life, with four of them published at Miroverse.

If you have questions on the design process of template creations or would like feedback on your Miro templates, let me know, happy to answer it here or schedule a 1:1, 15 minutes conversation. 

PS: Great initiative, @Anna Savina! I love the co-creation and collaboration that’s happening here. 

Hi All,

Csaba here, now as a Dungeon Master. I have a very complex template now for fellow DMs, but I’m not satisfied with it yet. Probably it would be best to divide it to different elements, and I’m looking for a partner who can help me with fresh eye to create templates for the rollplaying communities.