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Hi Miro Community,


My name is Manouska and I am the Community Forum Lead at Miro! Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Follow this template for a chance to be featured in our monthly community spotlight!

  • Introduction template:    
    • 🎤  Name (pronouns optional)
    • 📍  Location
    • 💻  Organization + Role 
    • 💛  Areas of Expertise (ie. Product Management, Agile, Design, etc) 
    • 🎨  Interesting Fact About You

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!


We can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you create the next big thing in this Miro Community!

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Hi everyone! I’m new here! I live in São Paulo, Brazil, I work at growyx, as a PM/PO/everything my company needs. I use Miro to give workshops, structurate roadmaps and retros, give presentations and facilitate OKRs, happy to be here!

Hi world!

I am Mark, Scrum master @Stater, Netherlands.

I've been an application manager (system engineer) a long time but decided to switch my carreer path a bit. Since a year and half I've been a Scrum Master and since I work with hybrid teams, Miro fits in perfectly. We use it for our retrospectives, brainstorm sessions and sometimes even for fun as a game (pictionary is great fun 😁)

We also used it once with about 40 people at the same time to do a big retrospective. No issues with these kind of engagement found!


I live together with my partner and 2 cats in my house (one just ran in my working room, miauw and ran fast away. Crazy animal… 🤣)

Below is one of them, that was slowly falling asleep next to me.


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Hello, my name is Alan. I am fond of nature and evolution and I want to build an evolutionary tree. I wonder if anyone sees my post there are no signs of life. Here's my board


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Hi everyone!

I’m Silvia (she/her), a designer specialised in building accessible and usable products. I care about design ethics and sustainability. I’m currently based in Italy – my home country – and planning to go back to the UK, where I’ve lived for almost ten years.

I’m using Miro extensively at work, and wanted to try the AI feature. Can’t wait to receive the invite!

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to explore this community 😀. Nice to meet you!


私の名前はsatoです。Miro の社内向けのサポートの設計と実行を担当しています。 


Hi, I’m Hazel

I am so happy to join Miro community!


I am located in Seoul and working as a marketer in IT company.

I met Miro last year, so kind of newbie. 🤣 I use Miro in case of ideation and collaboration with designers.


Nice to meet you all and always welcome a conversation.


Stephen here. I am a Mechanical Engineer at Engenious Design. I have mostly been viewing and collaborating with team members in Miro (I have not made any boards). I do wish I pan and zoom in Miro using my left hand 3D mouse (3DConnexion).

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Namastey everyone!

I hope you all are having a great day.

I am Aman from New Delhi, India.  I have used Miro when it was still in it’s toddler phase, the gui was not smooth, and it has only few option, and i stopped using it, and then few year ago someone mentioned Miro again, and when I logged in back, WOW! that was a an entirely new experience. It was a kind of WOW moment. 

And after that , I am using Miro daily since that, and I am in love with this tool, and I really appreciate the Miro team to give three board for free ( it would be great if they can give 5 (will post it as an idea soon)). 

I am hear to learn more about Miro, so that i can use this tool more efficiently, and hence can increase my productivity at office, as well as in my personal life (by mapping DIY project).

Hoping you learn from you all.

May god bless you all with peace, love, serenity, calmness, good health and wisdom (and the money will follow anyway).


With love and respect



Hi Heroes & Heroines!

My name is Anna. I’m a Junior Consultant in a management consulting firm for the rail- and communications infrastructure industry based in Germany. I use Miro to get team meetings on track by getting everyone involved in thinking, discussing and organizing goals and work. I feel that where on PowerPoint slides things (and my lifetime) go to die, with Miro we can breath life into any subject. Make it visible, make it move. That’s why I try to sneak Miro into any project I get to work on. 

I’m here to improve my board game and reduce the efford for me as creator and for anyone participating on my boards.


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Hi Heroes & Heroines!

My name is Anna. I’m a Junior Consultant in a management consulting firm for the rail- and communications infrastructure industry based in Germany. I use Miro to get team meetings on track by getting everyone involved in thinking, discussing and organizing goals and work. I feel that where on PowerPoint slides things (and my lifetime) go to die, with Miro we can breath life into any subject. Make it visible, make it move. That’s why I try to sneak Miro into any project I get to work on. 

I’m here to improve my board game and reduce the efford for me as creator and for anyone participating on my boards.


Welcome to the community Anna, 

Hello from Italy! 👋

I'm Beatrice and I'm a UX/UI designer 😊

I'm a big fan of Miro (even when it was called RealtimeBoard, but I love this new brand identity)! I have been using it for several years and it is my loyal companion for brainstorming and ideation sessions, for creating mood boards and sharing material with the client.

My clients are always very enthusiastic about using Miro as they find it very easy to use.

What they like most is the possibility of having a wide view of the materials. 

I have tested other competitors, but I can say that Miro is the best for features and for its community 🙏

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Hey everyone! 😃

I'm super stoked to be part of the Miro community forum and connect with all of you!

I've been in the product management game for over 10 years, delivering software that actually meets user needs. Lately, I've been diving deep into data-driven and ML-based products in advertising tech, geo data, e-commerce, and marketing automation.

Currently, I'm freelancing as a product manager, helping companies build killer product management teams, nail that product-market fit, and dive into thorough product research.

🇦🇷 Living in Buenos Aires, by the way! 🇦🇷

One of the features of Miro that I absolutely love is the voting, and another one is the private mode in sticky notes. They're incredibly helpful for retrospectives and product backlog estimation.

I'm really looking forward to engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing insights, and learning from all of you.

Hey folks, Nandagopan here. I’m a designer trying to come up with innovative, creative and responsible, human-centric solutions.

Hey All! 


I’m Ammaarah! I’m a product designer based in England 🙋🏽🖐🏼


  • I’m big on simplistic user research that gains insight into users needs 💪🏼
  • accessibility and simplicity is 🔑
  • I love sinking my teeth into a complex problem 🕵🏽
  • Brain dumping once a day is crucial 😏
  • Web & Mobile apps 💻📱


If any hackathons/events are on the horizon let me know! I’d love to attend


Hi All,


My name is Mike and I am Project Manager from Chicago, IL. I manage various types of projects but have been more and more involved in innovation projects which is how I found Miro.


Miro has helped me drive collaboration in a remote environment in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I can’t imagine working it without it to the point where, my desk is no longer messy but my board that is named “Mike’s Desk” is a mess and littered with ideas, thoughts, templates, and who knows what else. 


Looking forward to hearing all the awesome ideas that everyone has!


My name is Marcel and I am employed at Bremen University in Germany. My educational background is Spacecraft Systems and Software Engineering. In my current job I design and implement interfaces for automation and data science between our space-related research facilities 🔬

I encountered miro during the latest pandemic in 2020, when I was still in my master studies, and since then its an essential tool for me to collect information, identify and organise work packages and design system and software architectures and much more. I somehow try to combine shapes and lines to anything useful and illustrative. Sometimes, I am excited to print out a diagram on a big sheet of paper and hang it on a real whiteboard for discussion 😀

This is the first tool I encountered, where the line snapping and arrangement still can look satisfying after moving boxes around! The easy and efficent collaboration mechanism helps managing (student) team projects until today. Unfortunately, I already have more open boards than I can maintain, so I have to learn to be more economical with them.

I am excited to hear about the people here and their ideas and wish you all the best 🚀

My name’s Heather and I’m an IT Training Manager.  We’ve just launched Miro to everyone in our organisation and I’m responsible for promoting it and creating a community of practice so I’d love to hear about how others have managed this within their organisations.  I’m excited about how we can use Miro and how to share examples with others. 

Hey Community This is Terry Wallace here. I am here for join the best interacting conversations and topics. Anyone can reply to have a discussion.

Hi there, 

I'm Alicia from the Netherlands and I work as an IT Business Analyst. I recently joined my company and we use Miro for documenting architecture. Unfortunately, when I started documenting the user flows, I found that Miro doesn't fully support BPMN. That's quite disappointing and I really hope they'll add the remaining shapes to the current BPMN set soon. I'm used to working with LucidChart in my previous organisation, hope I can get used to Miro. 

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Hi all

I finished my Horn concerto and Miro helped me visually in designing the structure. The complete work is here: 


I am now working on my third symphony and will try using Miro again to help in the design.


Best wishes to the Miro community.



Hello I’m Annabelle or Bella from Sydney Australia! I’ve been int he Miro community for a little while and recently changed roles/ companies. I’m excited to still be using Miro- though in my new role it’s with a different lens being work flow organisation. It’s great to be here again!


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Hi Miro Community!

I have been using Miro for several years now and in my last role was using it to help establish a Customer Enablement Digital Transformation program. The org was also going through an Agile transformation.

I was also an early advocate for Miro and was teaching others the value and how to use.

But my biggest use case has been personally, where as a visual thinker I have been able to create clarity and take chaotic ramblings into iterative progress.

I have been on the consultant plan and use it with 1:1 clients as well as with organizations I have led to create strategy and alignment.

I’m currently learning to build my personal brand and am connecting my passions and interests - Miro has been a key part of everything so I’m excited to formally join the community. Hopefully I will share some outputs from Miro and if valuable would love to add it to the Miroverse. 

I’ve also been an frequent attendee at Miro Webinars and always enjoy hearing more about the product.

Loving the new branding launch! Congrats Miro!

Also, here’s my dog Finley, who often prevents me from being able to use both hands to draw in Miro!


Hi, My name is Cátia and I am a Senior Agile Coach @New Work.

I use Miro ALL THE TIME and all my colleagues too. It has make my life easier and fun😍

Looking forward to becoming part of the Miro community.   Our team uses Miro for our Agile retrospectives and I am constantly introducing ways we can use Miro to plan our work.   Each time I suggest something, I am subject to strong resistance.  Then when we try it, they love it.   I use if personally for planning my outside of work activities and brainstorming my goals.  Love the mind map and ability to create flow charts.

I am a failed retiree Project Manager / Scrum Master / Product Owner.  Back to work full time since I retired in 2015. Enjoying Miro Academy and learning more about Miro. 

I'm Katie, a Boston-based user experience designer. I'm presently employed with PTC's Training Organization on an internal customer experience team. 

In my group, I'm a major supporter of Miro. We came to Miro because I took the initiative to overhaul our design process and the effort to increase communication and cooperation among all coworkers, regardless of location. Our workflow and cross-office team cooperation have been radically revolutionized by it! In addition, I've helped other PTC teams incorporate Miro into their workflow through presentations and training.