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Meet the Community | Introduce Yourself

Hi Miro Heroes! :wave_tone2:

My name is Marina and I am a Community Manager at Miro. Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other :handshake_tone2: 

It will be cool if you introduce yourself here in the thread - share where you work, live, your role, and how you use Miro (share your bigger Miro story here).

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!

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Hi Lovely People,

My name is Cheong and I’m an Iteration Manager at Kmart Australia based in Melbourne. I am still very much a newbie in learning Miro. Ha, ha. I am the one that will accidentally mangle someone’s masterpiece by accidentally dragging an object somewhere else.

My goal is to master Miro and let my creative juices flow so that my team can benefit from using it while have fun. I’ve started using it for retrospectives and brainstorming.

Thank you lovely people for your generosity to share your templates and your ideas.

I hope to be able to contribute back soon.



My name is Jane, i am now at the stage of building my own startup in mental health sphere. And it’s amazing period of time! We’d like to help people to reduce their stress and anxiety level with help of easy tools. I’m from Belarus, having Ukranian roots, so I know all about anxiety because of my own experience.

I’m in love with Miro for my own brainstorming process, educational purposes and mind-mapping for the product (user flow, technical tasks, etc.).

I intend to learn more about features and to boost my productivity with help of Miro! 🚀

Hi, I am Chrissy, Solutions Consultant for Smartsheet at AMX Germany. We recently started our partnership with Miro, and I am very happy to help customers with Miro and create awesome Miro boards! I love workshop facilitation, I have a Business Psychology background and am interested in positive Psychology, personal development, personnel and organizational development. 
Sending lots of regards! 🤗


I am Jayraj, I am a Revenue Operations Director at, I manage the entire company techstack. We extensively use Miro for UML diagrams, process flows, mind mapping and roadmap templates. 

Really impressed with how well Miro allows collaboration and lets us include guest users to view. 

Hi everyone,

I am Chimene from Mauritius, I am Team Coach at since last year when I first heard of Miro and even since I have been using the platform for brainstorming session, workshop, training activity and quick courses on how to navigate through Miro. I have been following many contributors and this evening will be my first session with the community. Looking forward for the Pictionary Miro games and how I can be of value to the community also.




Hi Miro Friends,


🤚 About Me


I recently made this YouTube video on how I use Miro to plan my entire life, going from core values to tactical to-dos. I love Miro’s bulk post-it note import/export functions, and smooth drag-and-drops.




Oh, hello there ! 

No, it’s not the General Kenobi, sorry, just Livia, French agile coach working near Paris.

I love to help teams and individuals strive and find the best way they can progress towards a more agile, more fun, more efficient, more benevolant and pleasant working environment. I love to sketch and illustrate things, hence I fell into visual facilitation also ! 

On the personal side, I am a huge nerd and love to play videogames (actually worked for Ubisoft for 7 years), role playing tabletop games, reading and watching fantasy & sci-fi as well. I also am a cat nerd and am a very good human to my feline queen Haelly (pic below !). I also love music and used to play violin, flute, piano and a little bit of guitar&ukulele. Oh, and I’m also addicted to cheese 😅 As the multiple lockdowns and remote working prevented me to burn all those cheese-calories, I recently decided to start jogging in spite of my asthma and I really love it !

Happy to be part of the community !
🧀 Chee(r)s(e),



How Wonderful to be connected with Mic and now I found out we have a community!!!

My name is José Ícaro, I am 35 years old, I am a Dentist graduated in a Brazilian University, but I have been developing WordPress solutions for 12 years and I created a Startup in 2020 called WPRaiz to try to bring more knowledge and add educators, developers, companies and freelancers from Brazil and Latin America.

We are in the Microsoft Startup Hub for 5 months and we received the invitation to meet Miro 2 days ago and I've already migrated 20 Boards that were in Figma and XMind and yesterday I did a webinar for 80 people using Miro and I didn't say anything during the Youtube Live and I was VERY HAPPY because everyone loved it and asked me for the slides and I just passed the link =DDD


If you want to know my project and sign up, we are in the Implementation phase, the website is and our little Youtube channel is .


My name is Mark, i’m from Ukraine. 
I’m a UX designer, small team lead. 
Nice to meet you, Miroversers! 

Hi everyone, I finally made it!

My name is Catalina, but everyone calls me ‘Cat’. I am a 100% Colombian, raised in NYC, and now residing in Texas; I know I can’t believe it either 🤣.

I have recently started in my new role as a DesignOps manager for a healthcare company, HQ in Minneapolis. However, I have been part of the design world for 25+ years, and I still love it. In the past year, we’ve built an amazing Product Design team and have gone from 4 to 20 incredible IC. 

My team and I have been using Miro for almost 10months, and we love it. It seems we discover something new with every share-out we put together, which is why I’m here. I want to continue to learn how to use this amazing tool and help my team stay creative and challenged with every project, especially since we are a 100% remote team.

I look forward to learning and collaborating with you all. 😎😎😎


This is my heart, his name is CHOCO, and he is a full breed Schnauzer, with a rare liver (brown) color.

CHOCO at 10months


✨ Hello, happy to be here! A little about me:


🔨 I work in project management and process improvement/business transformation for the sales organization within my company.

🎉 I often use Miro to facilitate process discussions with our teams!

🎃 Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I used to work in creative development for haunted houses and other holiday experiences.

Look forward to getting to know you all and learn more about how to use Miro! 👩🏼


Hi everyone!

My name is Andrew, I am a professional problem solver & critical thinking trainer and consultant.

I am passionate about helping people & teams think differently to enable efficient problem solving and decision making.

Looking forward to learning ways to transform our critical thinking data capture tools from Excel to beautiful easy to use Miro boards! Same goes to restructure our workshops using Miro.

Would love to chat to anyone who has ideas for how to move data capture from Excel and create a board that can do the same thing but a lot more professionally!

All the best, 😎


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Hello everyone!

Jane here and I’ve been using Miro off and on for a couple of years now, and am just implementing it as a business tool as I hopefully will soon kick-off my business this summer. Look forward to helping out and being helped in the community. I am a beginner to intermediate Miro user.  I learned about Miro from a university instructor two years ago.  Soooo very glad he used it!  I like apps that really are usable in real-time and WORK!  I like flexibility in my work tools and color, so Miro’s up my alley.

On a more person note, like a few people here I like cats (and dogs, but do to a small living space at the moment, can’t have any dogs), like sci-fi and am trying to lose weight (argh!). @Andrew Sauter I’m going to attempt to transfer a board from one app to Miro, so if I figure it out and try the same from Excel (and succeed) I’ll let you know. ;-) @Nelphalyn Hi!  Lovely queen you have there!  I’m in France as well, but further north of Paris.  And like you, health issues or not, trying to run, walk, etc. to lose a lot of weight not from cheese (LOL), but still hard to do. ;) 

🙋🏼 Hi I am Katie,

💡 I work as a Business Analyst in the Private Sector and use Miro for lots of lovely workshops

🏡 I live and work in the North East of England

🐵🐵🐵 Mum to 3 boys, i still work full time but love learning and developing my skills!

👫 I love to be social and I’m on LinkedIn:



I am Pat.  I am a Product Owner for a small software development team in North Carolina.  I’ve just started using Miro and am looking forward to learning more about the innovative ways I can use it to support our team. 

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Hii everyone! Maria Romanza (non binary she/they) from Mexico here! 
I’ve been a product designer for some time now and I’m looking to learn new tools and technologies to improve my work skills. Happy to be here 🤠

Hi there, I’m Deb, I’m an historical dyer, PhD student and Project Leader for an innovative process. Phew, I NEED Miro to get me organised!! 

Just beginning, so very, very green. Looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.

Happy to be here!

Hello, fellow Miro users, I am Gábor, and I am a lead developer at Servus Intralogistics.

My team and I are using miro for retrospectives, brainstorming, designing stuff and just working together even when half the team is remote.

I’m glad to be here!

Hey everyone!🖐

My name is Ostap, and I'm Product Marketing Manager at MySignature

At MySignature, we help professionals to boost their personal brand with intuitive email signatures. If your email still doesn't have a signature, you miss out on many email responses every day 🙃.


I work on Miro with my marketing team, and we use it for various topics. Here are a few:

  • To plan and craft our marketing activities and strategies
  • To visualize user flow
  • To structure new features that we plan to launch soon
  • To make our meeting and brainstorming more interactive
  • And many more...

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and learning a new one with the community here!



Hi everyone,👋

I’m James from Manchester, UK. I work as a Product Manager in an insurance company. 

I like using Miro for brainstorming and ideation as well as diagramming.

The wish list is a great tool to submit ideas to share with this community so I’m looking forward to checking in again to see what’s happening.

Hello Everyone, 

I'm Ana, from Colombia. I'm the co-founder and Innovation Director of El Playground, a company that creates projects with social and environmental impact, especially for the coffee industry. We are constantly working with miro to share ideas, develop business models, and make marketing strategies to ensure the success of each project. We enjoy the process and learn a lot from the miro community, so I'm happy to be here and meet you all.  

If you want to know more about some of our projects, here are some links: 


Talk to you soon, 

Ana Gómez 


Hi everyone! 

I am Javier, from Colombia. I currently serve as CEO and co-founder of Power Compost, a purpose-driven organization that designs and builds circular systems for organic waste, to contribute to climate action and soil regeneration. I am also an innovation coach in the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative, where I work with teams from Latin American cities in the application of design methodologies that promote equity and collaborative work. 

Miro is a powerful tool for my work! Great to see this nicely designed community forum! I am looking forward to learning from and with you all!