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I would love a discussion around remote innovation. Researchers and practitioners alike believe innovation works better face-to-face. How could we make it work in remote settings and if anyone did - how did they make it happen.

We’ve been converting many of our formerly “in person” sticky note sessions & other collaborative brainstorming & prioritization exercises online to Miro.  We’ve definitely learned some lessons about what does and does not easily translate over.  (And where you need to help out with inclusiveness.). I’d be happy to share some of those insights with anyone interested.  Some things are perhaps obvious once you know to look for them but don’t pop out at first, such as being prepared and setup with a second facilitator to use a breakout room in a tool like zoom to help one on one troubleshoot or help engage someone who is having trouble with participating during an online brainstorm.  We had one executive who really felt intimidated by Miro, but with a little one on one handholding suddenly felt very engaged and able to throw some ideas into the larger group after at first being really reserved.  Lots of stuff like that is important to create a good online creative brainstorm and unlock that elusive “innovation”