Is Miro a professional skill?

  • 8 November 2021
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Hi all,


Would you consider Miro as a professional skill to put on a resume?




2 replies

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@Victor Chen -

Knowing how to use Miro would be a technical skill, but having the user experience and design skills to take a concept and design an elegant board to meet business objectives would be a professional skill.


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@Victor Chen 

Such a thought-provoking question! 

I agree with @Kiron Bondale in that, say, knowing how to use Excel, is a “software proficiency” or “fluency” but knowing how to ‘build financial models’ or statistical models ‘for XYZ use case/business objective’ using excel is a more of a professional skill.

With Miro, Kiron has outlined a few examples; off the the top of my head I can brainstorm a couple more examples: 

  • Dynamically facilitate day-long workshops of 25+ participants 
  • Lead agile rituals or design sprints. 
  • Design and analyze business systems and processes