I Still Don't Have the Hang of Working From Home

  • 27 May 2020
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I’ve been working from home for a few months now, and I feel like I should feel comfortable at this point. But I don’t.

My first month working from home, I was making some amazing breakfasts! Fresh Omelets w/ Fruit. Now, I might eat a bagel. I used to get excited to work on my latest projects! Now I just want to play video games.

I’ve read our community tips and feedback on working from home, as well as other good sources. But I still don’t have the hang of this. I struggle to separate work life and home life. I could feel comfortable while working and then uncomfortable trying to relax. Or, I could feel uncomfortable working and then cozy on the couch to relax.

Is this what life is like working from home? Cycling in and out of comfort?


I’m especially interested to hear what the long-term work-from-homers have experienced :)

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@Kyle.C -

You have to establish routines, but also accept that those routines need to evolve to ensure they don’t get stale.

I’ve allowed certain hobbies of mine to evolve to keep me interested - moving from baking desserts exclusively to baking bread for example.

It also helps to analyze and measure what you are doing and for how long - if you are finding the at home time is getting you spending more time on low value activities, tracking that and visualizing it is a good way to motivate yourself to refocus.

And remember that it IS a marathon - there will be days and weeks when you sprint, and others when you barely crawl. That’s ok - the journey is the reward :grinning: