How to make my event more interactive?

  • 14 April 2020
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Hi, I’m running a virtual event using Miro where we will give our client a virtual tour of our latest digital tools.  There will be about 5 virtual tech stands on the board and a presentation at each one explaining what the tools do.  I will help the clients navigate around the board.  How can I include the clients more and get them to interact live with the person running the presentation about the tool?  I’d really appreciate some ideas.  Thanks. :blush:

3 replies

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Hi Joanna,

here is a video wich shows good interactivity:


At the begining she uses icebreakers - then at 25:00 min they used the voting tool or at 55:00 minutes they used voting dots … the whole video is interactive full with questions to the people who joined the meeting.

A lot of icebreakers are possible:

Inviting to ask:

Wich is your favourite place for a vacation?

What would you like to take on an island, if you have to be there for a long time and why?

Whats your favourite profession that you would like to work as a kid / a teenager / and now?

What is your favourite movie character and why?

You can search for picutures and can ask:
How do you feel today - wich kind of picture express more your feelings and why (Depends on how close your with your teammates)

… the ideas what to take as icebreakers are endless …

Here is an article about icebreakers:

The map used in miro meetings are a good way to show where the people are living / working to show:
Hey: miro connects people from all over the world - and everyone understands using it!

Have fun with it.

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Yes! There are so many creative ways to make things interactive and engaging. The Miro YouTUbe page is FULL of helpful videos. Go explore those and I’m sure you will get some ideas there :) 

Thank you!!  :blush: