How I Discovered Miro and Virtual Facilitation Journey

  • 26 February 2021
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For a world-travelling facilitator and trainer, March 2020 felt like my entire professional world had collapsed. Borders closed, clients either cancelled or postponed engagements, and suddenly my professional calendar looked pretty empty.

What can I do when most of my work requires people-to-people engagement and interaction?

And then I discovered Miro, and what a journey it has been! 

Read about my experience and my ‘Top 5 tips to transition into a virtual facilitator’:

I’d love to hear your thoughts and your own experience too in the comments. Tell us your stories!


4 replies

What a great story, Isman! :hugging:

Thank you for sharing! We are lucky and proud to have you :heart:

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Hi @Isman Tanuri,

Great! Thanks for sharing!

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@Isman Tanuri -

Great article and story!

I’d add a couple of more tips:

  1. Practice at least a half-dozen times before your first “real” workshop if you have never delivered virtually using a specific set of tools.
  2. Incorporate frequent feedback loops with your participants to help you iterate and improve on your boards.
  3. Never underestimate how challenging the most intuitive tool can be to a participant. Just because you are comfortable using Miro, doesn’t mean all your participants will be.


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Thank you, @Marina @Soumyadeep Mandal

Also, that’s a great set of tips, @Kiron Bondale! No. 3 is always at the top of mind. I always try to be mindful that at least 90% of anybody who joins my sessions will struggle, at least in the beginning.