Force Field Analysis - Template - Feedback on first draft

  • 26 April 2021
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Hello miro community, 

I have created a SFD (S*** First Draft) of a Force Field Analysis. A quick workshop to share understanding about opposing forces when introducing change. 

Please forgive me that I’m not the most visually creative kind of. 

The board contains some background information on Force Field Analysis. A good introduction and my main inspiration:

Looking forward to your feedback and improvement tips.

Also happy to find some contributors for some more appealing creative design.  


1 reply

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Hey @JayB this is great work! Familiar with this in my management studies. The best feedback would be to run this with a few groups and gather post-event comments and request for improvements. I’ve found that this is the best way to improve anything built in Miro: user experience.

Perhaps a couple of ‘tech’ thoughts:

  • The Miro ‘link cards’ are actually not very intuitive. For most people, we are so used to see hyperlinked texts. So most times, I use the text tool to input ‘https://…..’ so that people know it’s clickable.
  • If you know who’s coming to play, create places in the board where you can put their names in sticky notes. It gives an acknowledgement to their presence and a psychological nudge “Ooh, I’m expected to contribute since my name is here”.
  • I tend to un-chunk my instructions. Instead of one place with all-encompassing instructions, I create smaller ones as near as possible to the ‘current’ activity or step. But ensure you explain the big picture instructions/objectives before kicking off the activity.

I hope that helps!