Bragging rights: Share the most creative artwork you have made natively within Miro!

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Thanks @Marina !

@Kiron Bondale yes, they’re seasoned illustrators so they used Wacoms/Cintiqs. They said they loved working with the limitations of Miro’s pencil tool - made for an interesting challenge!


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@Nina Torr if there is ever another exhibit. You must let us know! That board and artwork is fantastic!

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Thanks, @Kyle.C ! Will definitely share future events!

We’re also having a ‘walkabout’ of this one on Discord/Miro on Wed 26 August 18h00 (CAT)

Discord server:

Exhibition link: 


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Hey! I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post something I made yesterday because your posts really helped me figure some things out along the way. Yay for the pen tool!