• 26 November 2020
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Hi Miro Community,

:heart_eyes:  Created an amazing board that you are proud of? 

:heart_eyes:  Want to showcase your work?

:heart_eyes:  Seek inspiration for your new project? 

Well, this is definitely the place to share your creations and get inspired! :sparkles:


In this thread, show us your board and write a couple of sentences describing what is depicted there. You can either add a couple of screenshots of the board or embed the board link with view-only access.


:bulb:  If you are ready to share this board with the rest of the community to use it as a template, welcome to Miroverse! (Submit your board to Miroverse)

:bulb:  If you want to share the whole story of a project or your experience with Miro, please write it in the Inspiration category - a special place for your bigger stories, where you can also get feedback from your peers :handshake_tone2: 


Please make sure you do not expose any sensitive information :spy_tone2:


Looking forward to your beautiful, inspiring, unique boards!

33 replies

Here’s a seminar programme journey that also forms the base of the Miro board. Each day’s activities flow from it mind-map style to ultimately create a memory board at the end of the seminar. It adds to a feeling of progression and co-creation during a two-week seminar.


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Wow I love it @Clinton du Preez! I think it belongs to Miroverse! https://miro.com/miroverse/

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@Clinton du Preez I really like the visual effect in the stakeholder mapping frame, it looks like a physical screen or notice-board (or what's it called)!

@Clinton du Preez I really like the visual effect in the stakeholder mapping frame, it looks like a physical screen or notice-board (or what's it called)!

Thanks, @Henrik Ståhl and @Anna Savina for the positive feedback. The stakeholder map effect worked really well and got some good feedback from the group - they almost felt like they were standing in front of two big physical boards and doing their stakeholder and empathy maps together.

I can also not understate how well the global map with names worked as an opening and closing round practice - especially with a group of people from all over the world who needed to get to know each other very quickly. It created a shared context and with the Miro timer, made opening rounds efficient, less awkward and more joyful.

Hello all! This is a board I made (Halloween-themed), so from October, and it shows one of the pedagogical tools I make through Miro for learning French (high-school/secondary level in the UK). The aim of the board was to help tutees understand the uses of the Imperfect tense in French and how it differs from the passé composé, another past tense in French. The board I created encourages students to look at the various examples provided in the pile of sticky notes (at the top of the board), and sort them into the relevant columns depending on the example given (you can see the columns on the left of the board). Students seemed really engaged with this activity, and I also integrated some Halloween-themed follow-up activities to help with vocab learning!



A board that I am proud of is this one:


I made this board for a class I taught for industrial engineer students in Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara, this class was about entrepreneurship and I wanted to teach them about service design, so they where able to use SD tools on their businesses.

This activity was to research a local restaurant and develop a delivery service experience.


What I loved about this board in particular is that some teams made the board their own, adding memes, emojis and playing pranks to each other (stealing post its or adding memes on each others work space).

This was while we where still in online teaching, so that little interaction was a huge deal for me because made me and the students feel closer to each other.


Hello everyone!

I’m Kate and I’m a big fan of Miro.

I use it for my lessons and I also train other teachers how to use it in its best way.

Here you can see a lesson based on a coursebook, but I added many interactive exercises and “magic tricks”. Moreover, I worked on the design to make it look attractive and engaging. 

I’m really proud of myself and happy that my work on Miro can be like this.

If you are interested in my approach and want to see more examples of my miro boards and how I work there - follow me on instagram (Kate Flamingo English) 

Hi all! My name is Minh! and I’ve been using Miro for my graduate education. One of my favorite things to do is to scroll out of a project board and see all the brainstorming that happened. 


For some it may look like a mess, but to the team it is a collection of all our cool ideas and hard work :)