Attention Management feature

  • 15 May 2020
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Is no one talking about the Attention Management feature yet? This is so very welcomed and a major feature! 

Every session for a new group of training or workshop participants, it usually takes a while for participants to learn the "Watch my screen" instruction when I start screen sharing. Sometimes, participants didn't even see the blue 'Join' button (tip: Refresh browser/app if this happens)

This Attention Management feature just shortened this entire process!

Thank you, @Marina and team, more love and power to Miro :)

4 replies

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i love it. I used it several times and it is a real time saver.

No one of my participants are lost in (board) space anymore.

Whooshshhh … look into this … or ... come over here … or … have you noticed that … it helps you get the attention.

Thank you miro 



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@mlanders (One of) Best news this week and a great way to start the weekend :)

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So happy to see this thread! :hugging:

Thank you to Miro Community for sharing your wishes and ideas :heart:  

Thank you @Isman Tanuri and @mlanders for your kind words and support :blue_heart:

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This is a great addition to the existing feature set!

I tend to teach smaller classes, but even with those, participants occasionally get lost and need to be shepherded back to where the rest of us are.