As a PM, how is working remote with your team going?

  • 25 March 2020
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Last week was the first for our product-dev teams working fully remote! So many adjustments!
From our home workspaces, to communication, to coffee-making, lots of routines now look different.


On Friday, when we ran the retrospective, we used Mad Sad Glad framework to share our emotions about the new order.

Team was mad and sad about things like slow internet speed at home, an unstable working day, too little movement compared to going outside and walking around the office, the uncertainty, and having to cook instead of having snacks at the office :doughnut:

But most votes were around the cluster of communication: low level of personal face-to-face communication is new for us, and we miss good old water cooler and coffee chats :coffee:  Though we are replacing them with Zoom coffee chats! 

Did you read our Ultimate Guide to Remote Work yet? We are learning to work from home together with you :information_desk_person_tone3:

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